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Work hard and get exhausted or hire one specialist!!

I am destroyed after this weekend, after "some" work in the garden, after scarifying the lawn...god damn, I ain`t doing this again. I will hire a specialist with the perfect tools, with powerful electric tools. I do not have a big yard, but for me, it was enough to get huge back pain at the end of the day. On Saturday, I got the hand scarifier - do not get one of those, get the electric thing - and for 3 hours I did a small part of the lawn. And you scarify, and you scarify, and you push, and you pull, and you get tired, and you do not stop because you have to finish the job, because you like the green lawn in the summer :)
That`s me in the corner/That`s me in the spotlight, scarifying my religion :)) After 3 hours in the first day, I realised that it is going to be ok all I was doing. For the lawn and for me - just to get me stretched a little bit. After the first session of scarifying, I got myself as a bonus, one session of shopping. I got over it and the next morning, af…
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Train your brain or how not to fall asleep for 5 hours

As I speak, I am participating at the 3rd event from Train your Brain, in Cluj. With a few hours before a 6-hour drive to Bucharest, this is not what I need :).
The first part was a little bit intriguing, about this financial app, Beez. A fintech, with a little success in Romania. I can not say that it is a bad thing, not at all. Good for them for pursuing a dream that they got it working at the age of 32 - this is how old the CEO is.
But the approach of the credit score in RO got me a little bit angry. Of course, Beez is the main key speaker of the event - and the only one!!
A little publicity is nothing wrong, but saying that Beez is giving away free money to its users it's too much. Saying also that every bank in RO is hustling Romanians with credit card fees or with personal loans that have traps for the clients... this is a No No in business.
The Q&A session was saved by the bell, by the moderator telling us that we have to get lunch :)) So, the Q&A was a little riot… Cluj at Sisters Cafe!

I have arrived in Cluj  - I wrote another article about Cluj here - at 11:30 this morning and now I am drinking a peaceful beer in a bar. At the bar. You will have a nice surprise if you click on this link :)) - I am sorry for this :))  This is the greatest achievement of today besides one good contract signed and a couple of visits just to check out the competition - maybe I will write sometime about my work, just to criticise it of course!:) After 5 and a half hours of driving, a few bites of meat at noon - I am on a strict diet that my girlfriend counts for me - and a good energy consumer meeting, after 30 minutes of swimming at the hotel pool everything needs to be on hibernate mood. But no, somehow I have the energy to get out of the room, visit another part of the competition, walk around the city for a while and still have my eyes open :) Let me criticise me for a second here: back in Bucharest, when I have a full day I just can’t wait to get home to give a big kiss to my GF and t…

Tesla + Mercedes = Love, every 10 years :)

10 years ago, Mercedes thought of buying some shares from Tesla - 10% - just enough to get Tesla out of the graveyard. Nice job Mercedes! You helped out the no 1 electric car manufacturer.
Thumbs up!
In 2014, Mercedes sold the Tesla shares for nearly $800 million. In this time, Mercedes and Tesla worked on integrating for the first time an electric battery pack  - made by Tesla of course - on the Smart model. 
You had the chance, at that time, to own one exclusive model of electric Smart :) - one in a thousand, not in a million, like the song :) 
My guess is they did not really believe in the future of e-cars and nowadays they got passed in US Sales Rankings by guess who - yes, Tesla - overcame Mercedes in the US during Q3.
Since 2016, Mercedes repeatedly said that they were very happy with the collaboration with Tesla and that they would do it again, but nothing happened since :). They are crying for help when coming to electric vehicles but still, they are Mercedes! On the other han…

Why would you need one extra grammar app beside your...brain :)

From the 1st grade, a bunch of people teaches us how to write. And we just learn how to do it. Since the 1st grade until high-school/college/university/ - I mentioned all the upper teaching institutes because some of us chose to stop after high school, I mean Harrison Ford, Tom HanksTiger Woods, Lady Gaga, and of course Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs. The same happened to James Cameron, also - I do not really like him so I do not add a link :)
So, they teach us how to write when we are young, and guess what. as we get older - because no one is getting younger - we still do not forget how to write. I mean how to write with proper grammar.
Nowadays we consider ourselves too tired, always too busy and we look for any life hack shortcut, just lying to us that we can make our lives easier.
It is much easier to exercise the only tool that keeps us going every-day, OUR BRAIN.

If we are writing a text and every 2 minutes we go back to rephrase, to check our grammar, to reconsider …

Flat are alone!!

Flat earthers, get your game right or go home!!
Do not waste any of your time and get back to your day jobs :) flat earth army, get ready to get sacked!
I know this earth is round, I am opened to the Flat Earth Society thoughts and I accept them but they did some experiments that proved them that there is a 15 degree movement of the Earth. They tried it twice, the rotation was still there  :))  At that point they switched everything to trying to explain that this movement of the Earth does not crazy is that?:)  Actually they just try to have a good catchment of people by just inducing the idea that the Earth is flat. How they do that?
They just talk to different people and just tell a story. They are story-tellers and leave the interlocutors to explore this crazy idea of the Earth being flat. They have 19,4 millions videos on YouTube...they call this development of the movement, but I think is just a good old fashioned propaganda. They are people with no really focus on li…

No more EAST vs WEST...well, no more All Star Game from the NBA

Yes, I know....the change took place in 2018, and if you know about this topic, this post really matters now :) But still, I do not like the game anymore, not like before, not since the 90`s, when I started to play a little basketball and started to watch the NBA season and of course, The All Star Game. Wow, I was so excited every morning the game was on - in Romania the game starts at 3 o`clock in the morning. For those who do not know what NBA is and what means The All Star Game, here it is: The National Basketball Association All-Star Game is a basketballexhibition game hosted every February by the National Basketball Association (NBA), matching a mix of the league's star players - from Wikipedia:)
A mix of players from the Eastern Conference vs a mix of players from the Western Conference, that was OK, until a couple of years ago when the two teams were similar each year :). Someone in the board of the NBA said the following phrase: let us reinvent the game by choosing the two be…