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@ work with DJ NASA

I began another ordinary Tuesday waking up, turning on my workstation, washing my face, taking a dump, washing my hands. It was 09:00 AM(Romanian time). It was 09:30 when I decided to put on some music in the background, which I don`t do very often. Youtube was at my disposal and I have chosen a first track, from DJ NASA . It has nothing to do with NASA, but it has to do with one of my favourite hip hop Romanian bands - CTC. DJ NASA it is, obviously the DJ in the band, the man in the shadow sort of speak, the magician with the beats, with producing the hits. They work as a team but he is that guy that sits there, does the beats, scratches and cuts in all the concerts, video clips to any gig that CTC makes happen. Until now you just read some very useful information about DJ NASA and his work. Actually I kind of put him on some upper level that you might think, but you know are wrong if you think otherwise until you have heard some of his music. Power to DJ NASA!  this is

A day @ The Court

Can you handle the truth? I think you can not handle the truth :))) Your honour, I stand here, in front of you to declare that has been committed a financial crime:)). Yes, there was committed, two years ago, after I have sold a car and the new owner decided not to register as the new owner. So, in December 2020, I got mail, proper mail - letter with a stamp brought by the postman which is a woman. It is from the National Company of Road Infrastructure - CNAIR. It seems that someone drove my ex-car without paying the road tax. I have heard about such cases and I sent the proof that I have sold the car long time ago the crime was committed. After a while I got new proper mail from the county court of Giurgiu in which I am invited to trial against CNAIR, just to tell the story and get it over with.  So, it is 4th of April and I stand here, on a small bench waiting for my turn to speak to miss judge. In front of me I have heard some incredible stories, I have seen direct confr

Food Biker Boys

Hello readers! I will not apologize for the time out I took from writing :) I recently started being an UBER driver in Bucharest. This occupation gives me ten's of reasons to write again. The headline it is not a click bait. True story, beside Uber drivers that transform into classic taxi drivers - that will be another post - in traffic, nowadays you can see food delivery guys on bikes. Totally normal, nothing to criticise. I am a bike geek, used to be actually... These m#_#&# f£&#&#er biker wannabe boys that deliver food around town improvised small engines for their bicycles...yep. There are a lot of cars in traffic that polute the atmosphere, and you spot a little cloud of blue sky coloured smoke from a small engine fitted on a regular bicycle. And the only safety gear that they have is that big bag on their shoulders which they carry the food. No helmet, no knee safety, nothing.  I call it the money hunger games when I see them pa

2 certain deaths and 1 on stand by

Ok, I was watching tv two days ago, late in the evening. On one of the various Romanian news channels, I hear about two deaths that really got me thinking about our history. I never thought about something like this before. The first news was that a person died, his name was General Constantin Lucescu and guess what he did for a living in the past.....he was a military attorney. Nothing special about this until I find out that he has defended our last Communist leader, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, at their last judgement in 1989 on Christmas day. Bam! That was a shocker, being 80 now, I imagined what if we were still contemporary with Nicolae Ceausescu?! Damn, what could have been like nowadays..... Anyway, Constantin Lucescu died from cancer at the age of 80, rest in peace now. At one of his interviews, General Lucescu mentioned out loud that there were no papers against the Ceausescu family and that he felt immediately that it was really a political execution that had t

More rules, more sadness for your pet

I have a #dogdaughter, she is adopted from Kola-Kariola Shelter in Bucharest. It wasn`t the smoothest ride in the process of adoption, but it was all my fault. The guys at Kola-Kariola and my girlfriend had the best behaviour in all the process. Nothing but the best for them. This adoption took place 2 and a half years ago, right when we moved into our new home  - click on the link to read about buying or having to rent a place - and I was not really into having a dog. But this is not what I am writing this post. The procedure was very simple, go see the future pet, take it to the vet - that is paid by the shelter - sign the adoption contract and go home and have a very new happy life. At the veterinary, we listened to some ground rules for the pet to be happy, we took the identity card and went straight home. That`s it! this is Odri after we took her in In the last week, we tried to adopt a cat. Knowing the basic procedure we talked to a couple of people that had little kitten

Enough with the Romanian presidential elections!!! FACTS

Even if the voting started around the world I am not going to write to you again about the Romanian Presidential Elections, NO. I read a couple of very interesting things about presidential elections in our history. I will start with the US because this is the only place in this world where a man like Trump gets to be President :) :) and another candidate got to run against a dead candidate. It happened in 1872 when presidents Grant opponent died during the election process. I wonder if Trump ran against a dead opponent, what would the American people do?! :) Number two on this list is taking us back into ancient Sparta, where the government assembly would vote by shouting. So, the side that shouted the loudest would win the point. What Aristotle called the " childish " method, we are using these days to vote at a singing contest in some rural part of one country :) Sorry Aristotle! Number three takes us in Texas where if you are a student and go voting wi

FORD and GM wanted this Romanian car!!!!!

I was on Saturday at one car show event - I won`t say the brand because I will do another post on that subject. This event took place at the Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum in Bucharest. Very nice museum, under renovation at this moment with a lot of pieces covered. But the cars were not and one of them just caught my eye. I did not know about its existence and when I saw the plate I was wow... the first aerodynamic car EVER built. I was thinking in that second that Romania has given a lot of pioneers in its history - I will leave a link below with all the first things that Romanian citizens gave to the world!! This is the link to one Wikipedia page with a huge list of all Romanians that did something great for the world for the first time!!! So, back to PERSU, this is the name of the car, after its creator Aurel Persu. At the beginnings of the 1920s, the car was starting to take shape. Everyone considered this automotive industry as a key industry and one industry for the fu


Hey, there fellow Romanian citizen!!!!!!!! If you live abroad you have to go out and VOTE for whoever you want. It is crucial that you and your family or friends vote! If you are reading this, I will help you with a full list of voting polls around the world. I chose some regions in which a lot of Romanians live and vote for their country - hopefully :) Let us begin with one interactive map I found : As a list that can be searched within  - bellow: For the US: 770 SUA Cleveland, Ohio Altele 1367 W 65th Street, Cleveland, OH 44102 771 SUA Norfolk, Virginia Altele 3126 Racine Ave., Norfolk, VA 23509 772 SUA Nashville, Tennessee Altele 4112 Union Street Old Hickory, TN 37138 773 SUA Chicago 1 Consulat General 737 N Michigan Avenue Suite 2300, Chicago, IL 60611 774 SUA Chicago 2 Altele 5825 N Mozart Street, Chicago, IL 60659 775 SUA Chicago 3 Altele 3938 W. Irving Park Road., Chicago IL 60618 776 SUA Niles Altele 7280 N Caldwell Avenue

Romanian political debate for presidential election

Europa FM, one of the independent radio stations in Romania organized the debate despite the fact that only 3 candidates honoured the invitations. There should be six of them, including the actual president. This is very interesting to listen. Sorry for not being in English, but I will get back to you for a short brief!

McDonald`s boss caught on tape :) not another #MeToo scenario

We all know about the mythical hashtag #MeToo :) It is a very good propaganda meeting all the needs to stop all abuses made or to be made. Now, one boss from McDonald's was fired. Ok, some small boss from a restaurant somewhere in the world got hot heels for that young cashier from his town biggie :) :) :) But there is a big biggie when the boss in the discussion is the CEO of all McDonald`s in the whole wide world!!! Yep, shit happens also up at the top floor of the building. But, just FYI, we are not talking about a #MeToo situation, we are talking about a consensual relationship between Steve Easterbrook and one female employee. Perhaps it could have been another #MeToo case but with a deal in the middle. It is not so often one leaving 12 million pounds salary per year, but what can I strikes, hurts and gets people moving on a different path either they want his or not. I do not know what happened to the female employee, but I sure hope they are still toget

Silent Elections...taking place in a couple of days time..Romanian Time!

We are less than 1 week from electing our next president...and nothing happens! And I mean nothing, no rallies, no demonstrations(peacefull ones), no nothing. Not even political debates between the candidates. Which, excuse me, are the worst I have ever seen since I got 18 and starting voting. We have our Romanian-german friend and president at the moment, Klaus Johannis - the silent guy. We have our puppet from the social-democrat side, Viorica Dancila - the stupid kid that got rid of her freak-control father - now in jail, Liviu Dragnea . We have the new-comer, the new-European guy that wants Romania back in the saddle - Dan Barna , let us put him as a favourite for the open-minded voters. And we have other figures from the acting stage to the business class that just entered this race for no real reason. Just to be against the system and to steal some votes from the other candidates - some of them actually said that this is the reason why :(  I will not mention thei